When fabricators need quality flame-retardants with strong testing and support, Firetect is your, “Go To Fire-Poof Company”. Firetect will provide you with the highest level of quality flame-retardant products and services available. Flame Retardants are a life saving product; you want to work with a reputable, qualified, strong company that that is financially stable with superior products and credentials behind them that can provide outstanding customer support. Firetect continues their research and development to expand their product offering for different applications and into different markets. Our goal is to be an example of a Premier Vendor that customers want to work with long term.

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  • Firetect - Fire-Poof Saturant

    Fire-poof™ is an interior flame retardant for most fibers and raw wood. May be effective over scenic paint, but must be tested for use with specific paint being used.

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  • Firetect - WT102 Flame Retardant

    WT-102 Flame Retardant Coating is a Class A (Class 1) Non-Hazardous, Non-Toxic, Interior, LatexBased Flame Retardant Intumescent Coating For Application Over Raw Wood And Other Surfaces.

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