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A professional, water based, translucent, acrylic glaze formulated with exceptional blending characteristics, long working time and excellent durability. Use to create translucent or opaque glazes for wood graining, marbling, aging and toning any painted surface. For best results mix with Golden Paintworks Slow Dry Fluid Acrylic colors in any desired ratio. Product can also be tinted with universal colorants.  

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    Coverage: Approx. 400-600 sq.ft./gal.

    Dry Time: Touch: 1 hour | Recoat: 12-24 hours

    Clean Up: Warm soapy water.

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GOLDEN Paintworks Glazing Mediums are designed for easy blending with other Pro Finishes and Lifestyle Finishes™ products to increase the working time or transparency for interior decorative applications, such as decorative finishing, wood graining, and Trompe L'Oeil murals. 

Paintworks Glazing Medium sets up to a thicker consistency when left undisturbed and offers better control of material on the palette. Tool marks made in glazed surfaces do not diffuse and remain crisp until softened. This material is also less likely to drip and run from application tools when working on broad wall and ceiling applications. 

Paintworks Sheer Glazing Medium, is formulated at a thinner “at rest” consistency and is more “oil like” in its consistency. The two mediums can be blended together at any ratio to adjust the consistency of the working mixture as needed. 

Key Features 

  • Extends working time of other products 
  • Tint-able for a wide range of colors 
  • Oil-like feel without the need for solvents 
  • Excellent leveling and quick “set-up” on the palette 
  • Ready to use 
  • Water clean up


Before opening containers of Paintworks Glazing Medium, vigorously shake the container to make the product homogenous and smooth. Failure to properly shake the product will result in lumps and an uneven consistency. 

Work on walls and other surfaces base-painted with at least two coats of a high quality acrylic architectural coating for maximum working time. Surface absorbency affects working time. Sealing the surface, ideally with a gloss base, allows for maximum working time. Matte paints, such as flat house paint, will reduce the working time. 


  • Shake or stir thoroughly before use until homogenous and smooth. 
  • Working time is typically 15 to 45 minutes depending on technique and substrate. 
  • May be tinted with acrylic paint in any amount or waterborne dispersion colorants up to a 5:1 glaze:dispersion ratio, Universal Colorants are not recommended, due to the level of glycol in these products. Start with a 3% addition of colorant and test. 
  • May be mixed in any proportion with the Pro Finishes Slow Dry Fluid Acrylics to adjust the pigment load and the overall transparency of the mixture. 
  • Brush or cloth apply. 
  • Apply at room and surface temperatures between 50° F & 90° F. 
  • May be thinned with water if needed. Thinning more than 50% may compromise working time, stability and adhesion. 
  • Do not mix with oil paint. 
  • Apply only to clean, dry, painted or primed surfaces. 
  • Allow a minimum of 4 hours drying time between coats. 
  • Allow up to four weeks for a full water resistance cure. 
  • Seal with a varnish/topcoat for maximum durability. 
  • Test your technique on a practice board before applying to walls. 
  • For interior use only.

Brush application: Thin with 15-50% water to increase brushability. Thinning with water will decrease the amount of working time of the product. Brushing too hard or too often will cause the glaze to cloud or foam, so avoid overworking the same area. 

Tools: Brush: Soft brush suggested.

Coverage: Highly dependent on application technique and number of layers. Approx. 400-600 sq.ft./gal. 

Dry Time: @ 50% RH, 77° F: Touch 1 hour. Recoat in12-24 hours. Air movement and exchange will assist in proper drying. Cold weather & high humidity will slow down cure time. 

Clean Up: Clean your skin and equipment immediately after use with soap and warm water. Keep tools wet while working. Dispose of as latex paint. 

Storage: Store in a cool/dry location @ temperatures between 40° F & 90° F. Do not allow material to freeze or be exposed to temperatures exceeding 120° F for extended periods.

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