Plaster Topcoats

Plaster Topcoats

Decorative plaster topcoats, such as Liberon's Black Bison Wax and Meoded's Hydrowax, are used to enhance and protect the finish of decorative plasters such as Venetian plaster, marmorino, and other textured finishes. These topcoats provide a protective layer that helps to resist water, stains, and other types of damage while also enhancing the color and sheen of the plaster. Liberon Wax is a high-quality wax polish that can be used to protect and enhance the finish of Venetian plaster and other textured finishes, while Meoded Hydrowax is a water-based wax that can be used to protect and enhance the finish of decorative lime plasters such as marmorino. These topcoats are easy to apply and provide a durable and long-lasting finish that helps to preserve the beauty and integrity of decorative plaster finishes.

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  • Drill Brush - Venetian Plaster Wax Buffer

    A round brush that attaches to a drill for polishing wax top coats. This brush lets you polish the wax in half the time as a normal car buffer without the sweat! 

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  • Liberon - Black Bison Wax - 1 L

    Liberon Black Bison Fine Paste Wax is ideal for protecting all types of wood, including lacquers and French polishes. Liberon’s Black Bison Paste Wax is also commonly used as a top coat for venetian plaster.

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  • Meoded - HydroWax

    Meoded Hydrowax is a water-based wax, which enhances gloss finishes and acts as a sealer for both lime and acrylic based products. 

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  • Meoded - Velature Glaze - Gallon

    Meoded Velature is a premium-quality, water-dilutable, 100% acrylic, clear flat color wash.

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