Fluorescent Paints

Black light paint or black light fluorescent paint reacts to a black light by glowing. The pigments used in these paints responds to light in the ultraviolet spectrum. Some fluorescent paints can even appear invisible under ordinary lighting but will still shine brightly when exposed to a black light. Black light paint should not be confused with phosphorescent paint (glow-in-the-dark).

Fluorescent Paints

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  • Wildfire - Visible Fluorescent Paint

    Wildfire Visible Luminescent Paint colors appear bright under ordinary light and fluoresce brilliantly under black light.  

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  • Rosco - Fluorescent Paint

    Available in 9 brighter than normal colors which fluoresce vividly under ultraviolet lights, Rosco Fluorescent paints can create a wide range of exciting effects. 

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  • Wildfire - 351641 - Reducer - Pint

    Wildfire Paint Reducer is specifically formulated for use with all Wildfire Visible and Invisible Luminescent Paints allowing you to thin these paints without affecting their luminescent properties and without causing them to run or drip during application.

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