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Flame Retardants

Flame Retardants

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  • Firetect - WT102 Flame Retardant

    Firetect - WT102 Flame Retardant

    WT-102 Flame Retardant Coating is a Class A (Class 1) Non-Hazardous, Non-Toxic, Interior, LatexBased Flame Retardant Intumescent Coating For Application Over Raw Wood And Other Surfaces.

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  • Rosco - PA Paint Additive

    Rosco - PA Paint Additive

    Flamex PA is a clear, unpigmented additive for creating a flame retardant paint layer. Add one full jar of Flamex PA to a US gallon (3.79L) of water based paint to make your paint coating flame retardant.

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  • FR-1 - Fire Retardant Paint Additive

    FR-1 - Fire Retardant Paint Additive

    FR-1 is specially formulated to mix with water-based acrylic/latex paint and raise the ignition temperature of the paint to provide a Class A flame spread rating. It will not affect the characteristics or the color of the original paint. Mix one bottle of FR-1 per gallon of paint.

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  • Firetect - Fire-Poof Saturant

    Firetect - Fire-Poof Saturant

    Fire-poof™ is an interior flame retardant for most fibers and raw wood. May be effective over scenic paint, but must be tested for use with specific paint being used.

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