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Acrylic modified 2 part Epoxy, white Finish for Ceramic, Porcelain, Fiberglass and Acrylic surfaces. Made to hold up to HOT, Soapy Water. Undisputed Durability champ by DL Laboratories. For refinishing tubs, sinks and shower areas.

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Product Preparation: XIM’s Tile DOC Part A should be mixed before combining with Part B. Part A and Part B must be mixed together before use. Mix by stirring, not shaking. The mixing ratio is 1 part A to 1 part B. (1:1) The mixing ratio is critical. Too much part A will result in a film that is too brittle, and too much part B will result in a film that is too soft and will mar more easily. No reduction is needed. If reduction is needed for spraying, however, small amounts of XIM’s Reducto, xylene or lacquer thinner can be added, not to exceed 1/2 ounce per gallon. After mixing, strain. No waiting period or “sweat-in” period is required before using. The pot life of the mixture is about 14-18 hours, depending on the temperature and the humidity. It is recommended that you thoroughly rinse and clean your application equipment immediately after use. If tinting is desired use universal tints to achieve pastel colors. Do not exceed two ounces of tint per mixed gallon. (½ oz per mixed quart) You can tint part A or tint the mixture of Part A and Part B. Note: Mix only what you will use that day. Keep the containers tightly closed when not in use. Store at room temperature.

Packaging Data: Tile DOC Part A: No. 4201 Tile DOC Part B: No. 4202 Gallon Cans - 4 per carton Gallon Cans - 4 per carton Quart Cans - 6 per carton Quart Cans - 6 per carton Pint Cans - 1 in XIM’s pre-packed Kit Pint Cans - 1 in XIM’s pre-packed Kit

Clean-Up: Clean equipment with xylene or lacquer thinner immediately after use. Do not allow the mixed finish to remain in the spray gun or application equipment.

Surface Preparation: Careful surface preparation and cleaning is the key to a good result. Repair all cracks, chips and broken areas with a top quality epoxy filler. After all repairs are made be sure the surface is thoroughly clean and dry, free from all dirt, grease, wax, oils, soap film, mildew, rust or other contaminants. Soap residues are not easily seen, but must be removed completely. Take extra precautions to clean the surface areas around the drain and soap dish. The first step is to clean the surface of the porcelain or tile with a strong abrasive detergent using an abrasive pad or steel wool. Rinse well and dry. Next, solvent wiping of the surface is recommended. Wipe down the surface with XIM GON Cleaner or xylene. Do not use mineral spirits, turpentine or solvents that will leave oily residues. For the optimum adhesion, dull the surface with XIM’s brush-on etching cream, Etch-I-M, a commercial mild acid etch recommended for dulling porcelain and ceramic glaze. Follow the Etch-I-M instructions for use and safe handling. After etching, rinse well with water to remove the etching residue and etching cream then dry with a clean, lint free cloth. You can also scuff the surface with sand paper (180 to 220 grit Silicon Carbide paper is recommended). Be sure to remove all sanding dust. To fill cracks and chips use an epoxy filler recommended for patching porcelain, such as PC 11 (supplied by Protective Coatings Products) or equivalent. When coating cement or concrete wash tubs, clean as described above and do the etching with mild muriatic acid solution, rinse well and allow to dry completely. Again, follow the acid etch manufacturer’s instructions for use and safe handling. Rinse well with water and dry with a clean, lint free cloth. If desired, the grout can be sealed first with a masonry sealer such as XIM”s 600 Clear Masonry Sealer. When sealed first, the Tile DOC will dry to a gloss in the grout areas with two coats. When preparing for spray application, be sure to tape-off all fixtures, trim and areas not to be painted. Cover floors and cabinets with drop cloths to protect from over spray. Remove all silicone sealers or caulks from seams and edges before application of the Tile DOC. Re-caulk 1-2 days after application of the Tile DOC. For previously coated surfaces, we recommend complete stripping / removal of the existing coating before proceeding. If you apply the Tile DOC over old coatings, you run the risk of the old coating still Peeling. For bare steel, remove all rust an

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