Insl-x Products Corporation manufactures paints, varnishes, and industrial coatings. It offers primers, sealers, and undercoaters; pool paints, masonry coatings, clear finishes/varnishes, cabinet finishes and paints, garage floor finishes and paints, and enamels; and professional/industrial products, including primers, commercial finishes, specialty coatings, and industrial high performance coatings. The company also provides specialty primers, industrial epoxies, industrial enamels and urethanes, moisture cured systems, lead encapsulating paints, freezer coatings, and more.

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  • Insl-x - Aqua Lock Plus Primer - Black

    Aqua Lock Plus is also available in black and makes for a very economical stage paint.

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    • $153.09
  • Insl-x - Aqua Lock Plus Primer - White

    Aqua Lock Plus is a multipurpose, 100% acrylic, water-based primer/sealer for outstanding everyday stain blocking on a variety of surfaces. 

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