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Marmorino Tintoretto is a natural lime and marble dust paste, which is used as an interior and exterior decorative wall plaster. Tintoretto is a contemporary version of the traditional smooth Italian stucco which is known for its warmth and dramatic appearance.

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Marmorino Tintoretto a genuine lime and marble based Venetian plaster, features easy application and exceptional durability for interior and exterior applications. Tintoretto is a contemporary version of the traditional smooth Italian stucco which is known for its warmth and dramatic appearance. The tintable paste produces a wide range of textures including marble-like, smooth finish, distressed, or natural stone-look on almost any interior or exterior surface. Tintoretto’s natural makeup allows for the creation of a slight matte finish on some installations. 

Marmorino Tintoretto enhances elegant wall spaces in Villas, commercial buildings, theaters, offices and any other interior or exterior space that requires the highest quality wall treatments. The material allows you to create a wide variety of Interior finishes with state-of-the-art effects in any color and texture. 

Marmorino Tintoretto can be used as a finish coat for interior and exterior walls, ceilings, and many other architectural details. Primarily applied to concrete, block, plaster and gypsum board substrates, the product can also be used to beautify most other smooth-surfaced materials. 

Usage: For interior and exterior spaces.

Protection: Surface should be smooth, clean and free of contamination. Tape, mask and cover adjacent surfaces to protect them from splatter. 

Interior new surface: Prime substrate with PVA acrylic primer and let it dry fully. Apply one coat of diluted Meoded Quartz Primer allowing it 3-5 hours to dry. 

Interior & Exterior existing surface: Patch and repair any damaged substrates. Sand oil-based paints and glossy surfaces. Prime substrate with multi-purpose primer and let it dry fully. Then apply one coat of diluted Meoded Quartz Primer allowing it to dry for 3-5 hours. Preparation of flat surfaces requires only the application of diluted Meoded Quartz Primer

Exterior Brown coat: Pressure wash and clean surface. When surface has dried completely, apply the quartz primer diluted with 50% water. Let it dry at least 4 hours. Fill low spots and create a flat surface by applying a leveling coat using finer grain cement or acrylic base material over the brown coat.

General: Meoded offers a wide variety of specialty plaster tools including stainless steel trowels and spatulas used to install Marmorino Tintoretto. 

Brown Coat: Refer to ASTM C926 – Application of Portland Cement-Based Plaster and the Portland Cement Association’s Portland Cement Plaster (Stucco) Manual. Minimize the amount of finish coat needed by floating the brown coat to produce smooth, level Installation (continued): substrates. Avoid shrinkage and cracking by paying close attention to moist curing requirements. Cure for at least seven (7) days before applying the finish coat. Twenty-one (21) days curing are recommended. Embedding a fiber mesh in the brown coat or the first coat may further reduce cracking. Use stainless steel trowel or spatula to apply the two coats of Marmorino Tintoretto. 

First coat: Apply a thin, even first coat of Marmorino Tintoretto that covers the entire wall. Allow at least 12 hours for the first coat to dry. 

Second coat (smooth finish): If necessary, lightly sand the first coat with 180-320 grit sandpaper. Apply the second coat in the same manner as the first coat. While the material is still moist, use a clean trowel to repeatedly smooth the surface. After 10-15 minutes, tilt the trowel angle to about 40 degrees and keep smoothing with pressure until the proper sheen and smoothness have been achieved. Avoid excessive pressure or motion that will result in dark trowel marks. 

Second coat (distressed finish): Apply material in patches leaving gaps to reveal the first coat. Smooth surface repeatedly with a clean trowel. When material has set-up sufficiently, continue applying the trowel until the proper sheen and smoothness have been achieved. Avoid excessive pressure or motion that will result in dark trowel marks. 

Custom Finishes: A mock-up or an approved sample board should be used as a standard for a custom finish project. Meoded provides personal consultation services to help develop custom applications. 

Special Effects: To enhance the elegant and rich appearance of Marmorino Tintoretto , unique Metallic effects and custom stencils can be integrated. Sealer- After a minimum of 48 hours Water-block, a water-repellent sealer is recommended to provide your finish with protection from moisture and dirt. Clean-Up: Remove temporary protection, such as masking tape. Clean up spills and splatters using methods that will not damage surfaces.

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