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Tile Doc is a 2 part epoxy, white Finish for ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass and acrylic surfaces. Tile Doc features a gloss white finish that has the appearance of tile. It is made to hold up to HOT, soapy water. Note: This product can only be shipped via FedEx Ground.

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XIM® Tile Doc® is a two component acrylic modified amine cured epoxy that bonds strongly to porcelain and will hold up to cold and hot water. Tile Doc is a high gloss white that resembles the look of ceramic tile. Tile Doc is recommended for porcelain sinks, tile, tubs and showers in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Independent testing has been performed by DL Laboratories. Tile Doc is accredited by the National Voluntary Accreditation Program – Lab Code 100252. Tile Doc is accepted by the Canadian General Standards Board – No. 76005-ISO/EC Approved. 

Tile Doc is NOT RECOMMENDED for use on galvanized metal, metal surfaces, flexible surfaces in swimming pools, hot tubs or Jacuzzis. Do not use over silicone caulks. Tile Doc is not flame or high temperature resistant. 

Tile Doc can be tinted with up to 2 ounces of universal colorant per gallon. 

Coverage rate is 100 sq.ft./quart with 2 light to medium coats. One kit will cover a standard tub or shower area. 

Dry and recoat times are based on 70ºF (21°C) and 50% relative humidity. Allow more time at cooler temperatures. Thicker coats will take longer to dry. Dries to the touch in 30-60 minutes and can be topcoated in 1-2 hours. 

Clean equipment immediately with xylene immediately after use. Do not allow the admixed material to remain in the spray gun or on application equipment. Properly discard empty container. 

Note: Hiding/Block Out
Tile Doc is a high gloss white finish designed for thin film application. When applied over dark colors or surfaces compose of both dark and light colors, complete hiding (black out) of the colors may not be achieved in only one or two coats. If painting over dark color, multiple coats may be required. Consider tinting the Tile Doc to an off-white or pastel color or the first coat may be tinted to an off-white or pastel color followed by a second coat of White Tile Doc. 

Maintenance and Repair
Tile Doc finish cures to a very hard and durable coating. With proper care the Tile Doc finish may last many times longer than regular enamels. Always clean the Tile Doc finish with a “soft scrub”, non-abrasive type cleaner or a mild cleaner such as Formula 409 or Fantastic. Do not use chlorine based cleaners or bleach which can cause discoloration. If the surface becomes dull, the Tile Doc can be buffed back to a gloss using a polishing compound. To repair a chipped or scratched area, fill the chip or scratch with an epoxy filler, clean the area with a solvent wipe, scuff sand with 220 to 400 grit sandpaper, re-wipe with solvent and touch up the area with Tile Doc finish. 

Resin Type
Acrylic Modified Amine Cured Epoxy
Pigment Type
Titanium Dioxide, Calcium Carbonate, Wollastonite
Benzyl Alcohol, Ethyl Benzene, Glycol Ether, Xylene
Weight* Per Gallon
10.9 lbs.
Solids* By Weight
Solids* By Volume  
Volatile Organic Compounds
<420 g/l (3.50 lbs./gal.)
Induction Time
None required
Pot life @ 70°F and 50% Relative Humidity*
14-18 hours
Recommended Dry Film Thickness (DFT) per Coat
1.0-1.5 mils 100-150µ minimum
Wet Film to Achieve DFT (unthinned material)
2.0-2.5 mils (50-62.5µ)
Practical Coverage at Recommended DFT (assumes 15% material loss)
50 sq.ft./pint (1.2 m2 /l)
100 sq.ft./quart (2.5 m2 /l)
400 sq.ft./gal. (9.8 m 2 /l)
(2 light to 2 medium coats )
Dry Time to Touch2-3 hours
Dry Time to Recoat4-6 hours
Dry Time to Full Cure24-36 hours
Shelf Life5 years
Flash Point74°F (23°C)

Surface preparation is critical to performance. Repair all cracks, chips and broken areas with a high quality epoxy filler. After repairing, make sure the surface is thoroughly clean and dry, free from all dirt, grease, wax, oils, soap film, mildew, rust or other contaminants. Soap residues are not easily seen but must be completely removed. Take precautions to clean the surface areas around the drain and soap dish. 

Clean the surface of the porcelain or tile with a strong abrasive detergent using an abrasive pad or steel wool. Rinse thoroughly and let dry. Follow by wiping the surface with XIM GON™ Cleaner or xylene. Do not use mineral spirits, turpentine or solvents that will leave oily residues. To promote optimal adhesion, dull the surface with XIM Brush-on Etching Cream or Etch-I-M. A commercial mild acid etch is recommended for dulling porcelain and ceramic glaze tile. Follow the XIM Etch-I-M instructions for use and safe handling. After etching, rinse well with water to remove any etching residue and etching cream; then dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. The surface can also be scuff sanded with 180 to 220 grit Silicon Carbide sandpaper. Be sure to remove all sanding dust. 

To fill cracks and chipped areas, use an epoxy filler recommended for patching porcelain, such as PC-11 (supplied by Protective Coatings Products) or equivalent. When coating cement or concrete wash tubs, clean as described above and etch the surface with a mild muriatic acid solution. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a lint-free cloth. Follow the acid etch manufacturer’s instructions for use and safe handling. 

When preparing for spray application, tape-off all fixtures, trim and areas not to be painted. Cover floors and cabinet with drop cloths to protect from overspray. Remove all silicone sealers or caulks from seams and edges before application of the Tile Doc epoxy finish. Re-caulk 1-2 days after application of the Tile Doc. Previously coated surfaces should be completely removed mechanically or by chemical stripping to avoid peeling. For bare steel, remove all rust and prime or spot prime with a twocomponent rust inhibiting epoxy primer before applying the Tile Doc. 

Tile Doc Part A must be thoroughly mixed to ensure any settled pigment is re-dispersed. Once mixed, combine Part A with Part B at a mixing ratio of 1 Part A to 1 Part B (1:1). The mixing ratio is critical. No reduction is needed if applied by brush. If reduction is needed for spraying, small amount of xylene can be added not to exceed ½ ounce per gallon. After mixing, strain the material. No induction or “sweat-in” time is required. The pot life or working time of the mixture is 14-18 hours depending on the temperature and humidity. If tinting is desired, add universal colorants to achieve pastel colors. Do not exceed two ounces of colorant per admixed gallon (½ ounce per mixed quart). The base component (part A) can be tinted separately or the admixed material can be tinted. Mix only what will be used that day. Keep the containers tightly closed when not in use. Store at room temperature. 

Use in a well ventilated area when air and surface temperatures are between 50-100°F (10-38°C) and the relative humidity is below 85%. After mixing Part A and Part B together, apply by spray application to achieve a smooth, uniform finish. A conventional air spray, HVLP or airless sprayer can be used. Follow the spray manufacturer’s recommendations for tip sizes and pressure settings. When using spray equipment, vapors can build up rapidly and may combust. Vapors may travel to areas away from the work site and ignite. Use only with proper ventilation, where moving air will carry vapors outside. 

Ground all equipment. Do not use where static electricity can build up and cause sparks. Apply multiple light or “mist coats” rather than one heavy coat that may sag. 

If brushing, use a fine bristle brush and lightly brush-out in one direction to achieve a smooth finish. If brush marks remain, wait 3 hours, lightly dampen the fine bristle brush with xylene, shake out excess and lightly brush in one direction, ‘tickling’ the surface to re-flow the brush marks. Two coats are recommended for maximum performance. If the second coat remains tacky, improve the ventilation to promote drying. If available, a dehumidifier may be used to help remove moisture from the room. The Tile doc finish will generally harden in 24-36 hours. 

If the second coat is applied within 4-6 hours, no sanding of the first coat is needed. If the first coat has hardened or repairs or touchup is needed, lightly scuff sand the first coat with 400 grit sandpaper to dull the surface. Remove all sanding dust before proceeding. After applying the second coat, water should be kept away for the Tile Doc finish for a period of 3 to 4 days. 

Note: Tile Doc should only be applied over a hard, relatively inflexible surface. Do not apply over flexible seams or caulk. Seams can be re-caulked in 1-2 days. 

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