Katilac - Diamond - Clear Conversion Varnish

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The KD Series DIAMOND is a line of solvent borne, two component, alkyd/amino resin based conversion varnishes. They are clear, yellowing resistant topcoats that feature fast dry and easy sanding along with outstanding chemical, moisture & abrasion resistance. This product can only be shipped via FedEx Ground.

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The DIAMOND Series topcoats can be used in a self-sealing system or in conjunction with KCI sanding sealers on high demand furniture and cabinet applications. KD Series DIAMOND Conversion Varnishes are extended pot-life products, having a pot-life up to 5 days pot-life after catalyzed.


  • Cabinets 
  • Household furniture 
  • Interior trim and millwork 
  • Office furniture 
  • Kitchen and bath components 
  • High demand furniture 


  • Extended pot-life 
  • Excellent hardness 
  • Fast dry 
  • Outstanding mar and scratch resistance 
  • Ultra-low formaldehyde 
  • Outstanding chemical and moisture resistance 
  • Excellent flow and levelling 
  • Exceeds NAAWS System #5: Conversion Varnish Standards

COATING PREPARATION - Ensure product is stirred well and brought to room temperature before use. Product may be sprayed by conventional, airless and air-assisted airless spray. Add 5% 1CAT Acid Catalyst to unreduced product slowly under agitation. Thin with lacquer thinner as required, agitate. Pot life up to 5 days at room temperature in closed pails. 

SURFACE PREPARATION - Wood surface should be clean, dry and free from any oil or grease. Moisture content of the wood should be 7-9%. Stains, colour coats, glazes etc. should be applied according to manufacturer’s directions should be dried prior to application of sealers/topcoats. Multi-step colourant systems should be avoided unless they are thoroughly tested for adhesion and compatibility. All colour systems should be examined for colour fastness / fade resistance prior to use. For best results use Katilac stains, toners or colourant systems. Contact a Katilac Tech Service Representative for colour system recommendations.

APPLICATION - This product is designed to be applied in ambient conditions of 12-32°C (~55-90°F) and below 50% relative humidity. KD Series DIAMOND™ Conversion Varnishes can be used selfsealing or in conjunction with VS4 QUICKSEAL™ PostCatalyzed Vinyl Modified Sanding Sealer. Apply product in full uniform coats ideally applied at a rate of 3 to 4 mils wet. Total film thickness of the finished system (sealer and topcoat) should not exceed 4 dry mils. Coating should be thoroughly dried and sanded smooth between coats. Sand with 240-320 grit professional finishing stearated, silicon carbide sandpaper. It is recommended that the finished item be conditioned for 12 hours at room temperature prior to stacking and packing.

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