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Charbonnel - LeFranc - Quick Dry Oil SIze

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The time indicated on the gold size represents the necessary time interval between application of the gold size and of the gold leaf.

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The choice of Gold size will depend on the importance of the work to be done, on the weather conditions and on the place it is used. These gold sizes will withstand temperatures as low as -5*C. Contrary to what may be expected, gilding with gold size proves faster and easier than clay based gilding.

The LeFranc 12 hour Gold Size is most suited to use on large surfaces and outdoor work in fairly dry climatic conditions where dust is not too prevalent. The 12 hour Gold Size will also give a better finish than the 3 hour Gold Size (shine and depth) and will also wear better over time (more resistant surface).

The LeFranc 3 hour Gold Size is most suited to use on smaller surfaces, indoor work or any context where 12 hour Gold Size cannot be used (humid or very dusty climate).

Never burnish a gold leaf applied with a gold size. Given the suppleness of the surface, burnishing may tear the gold leaf.

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