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Mann Brothers - Color Themes - Gallons

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ColorThemes Flat is a 100% acrylic premium quality coating especially formulated for long exterior/interior durability and is protected from fading due to UV rays. Perfect for color retentive washes, scenic treatments and mural work.

Select a Color Price Quantity
Thumbnail Burnt Sienna $72.00 + -
Thumbnail White $69.00 + -
Thumbnail Ultramarine Blue $143.00 + -
Thumbnail Violet $152.00 + -
Thumbnail Thalo Green $124.00 + -
Thumbnail Thalo Blue $98.00 + -
Thumbnail Raw Umber $72.00 + -
Thumbnail Raw Sienna $72.00 + -
Thumbnail Permanent Red $198.00 + -
Thumbnail Moss Yellow $119.00 + -
Thumbnail Medium Yellow $152.00 + -
Thumbnail Medium Green $121.00 + -
Thumbnail Magenta $158.00 + -
Thumbnail Hi-Hide White $99.00 + -
Thumbnail Hansa Yellow $218.00 + -
Thumbnail Fire Orange $134.00 + -
Thumbnail Carbon Black $72.00 + -
Thumbnail Burnt Umber $72.00 + -
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    14 lbs
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SURFACE PREPARATION: Standard procedures and practices which are normally followed in the painting profession should be used to clean and prepare the surfaces before painting begins. All surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of dust, dirt, grease, rust, loose paint, or other foreign substances. Remove all loose, flaking, or chalking surfaces. Fresh concrete must be cured at least 30 days prior to application.

APPLICATION: ColorThemes may be applied with brush, roller or spray. Do not apply this paint when temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity if above 80%. Stir thoroughly before use.

TINTING: Use only Mann Brothers ColorThemes colorants. The product can also be tinted by intermixing ColorThemes Flat 4908 series colors.

DRY TIME: Air dry @ 70 degree F & 50% r.h., dry to touch 30 min; dry to recoat 1 hour.

DENSITY: 11.2 lb per gallon on white color, varies depending on colors NON-VOLATILE(Wt %): 60.0 for white color NON-VOLATILE(Vol%): 45.7 for white color

VISCOSITY: 85 – 100 KU DRYING TIME: It may be recoated in about 2 hour under normal atmosphere and application conditions. Overnight dry is recommended before use. Drying time also depends on surface temperature and relative humidity.

THINNING: Thin with water if needed. Over-thinning may result in loss of hide. For maximum durability and color retention use product as supplied.

COVERAGE: 300-400 sq. ft. per gallon. Actual coverage may vary depending surface conditions and application technique.

CLEAN UP: Flush material, hose and equipment with warm, soapy water. Observe all applicable regulation

V.O.C.: Less than 50 grams per liter

  • Brand
    Mann Brothers
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    Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Carbon Black, Fire Orange, Hansa Yellow, Hi-Hide White, Magenta, Medium Green, Medium Yellow, Moss Yellow, Permanent Red, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Thalo Blue, Thalo Green, Ultramarine Blue, Violet, White
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