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Kolcaustico Venetian Plaster is the elegant, tintable wall finishing material that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offers unlimited opportunities to create distinctly different and unique surfaces.

We Color Match popular paint swatches! Note: A color sample of the plaster is made on card stock and left to air dry. The dried color sample, without burnishing or waxing, is what we match to the selected color swatch. The final finish will have deeper tones and darker shades of your color. All of our custom colors are tinted by eye and as such some minor color variance is to be expected. All custom mixes add one to four business days to our processing time.

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Kolcaustico Venetian Plaster provides a wealth of creative possibilities for both traditional and contemporary settings and can be colorized to create an unlimited palette of pastels, earthy neutrals and vibrant, saturated colors. 

Kolcaustico is easily applied and worked with a blade. When multiple layers are burnished and waxed, an elegant, super-smooth, high-gloss finish can be achieved. Adding mica powders to the wax can create a deep pearlescence or a rich semi-metallic luster. For a matte surface with texture, dry pigments or marble dust can be mixed with Kolcaustico. 

From the highest sheen to the most earthy texture, nothing is as versatile or as workable as Kolcaustico. Each application is a truly unique creation. In the hands of a talented applicator, it can be a work of art. Is it any wonder that the most demanding and in demand designers, architects and contractors choose Kolcaustico for surfaces that are to be more than background?

Surface Priming – Good surface preparation is the base for beautiful Kolcaustico walls. Remove any surface imperfections. Seal new sheetrock or joint compound skim coat with a flat latex primer. Previously painted surfaces should be prepared in the same manner required by a high quality paint finish. The sealed surface should be clean, dry and free of dust and wax. 

The primer or base coat may be tinted to establish a base color for the project. Using a tinted base coat is a costeffective way to begin the project as it may reduce the number of Kolcaustico layers. Base coats or primers should be fully cured before applying Kolcaustico. Follow the instructions provided by the primer or paint manufacturer.

One-Color Venetian Plaster Application – One or more layers of a single color of Kolcaustico are applied over a base color of latex paint or primer. The base color is subtly visible through the translucent, lightly tinted Kolcaustico layer creating a surface depth with visible texture and pattern. This is the simplest application technique requiring only one color of Kolcaustico. 

The primer or base color may be tinted to match the layer of Kolcaustico or may be a complimentary color to further enhance the layering effect. This method may be left matte or waxed to a soft sheen or a high gloss. Burnishing Kolcaustico before waxing will result in a smoother and glossier finish and may also be done between layers. Mica powders mixed with wax create glowing highlights with a metallic pearlescent appearance, or a wood tone wax may be used to create shaded highlights or an antique appearance. 

Multi-Color Venetian Plaster Application – Two or more layers of two or more colors of Kolcaustico, applied over a base color of latex paint or primer, produces a finish of blended colors with exceptional depth. The primer or base color may be tinted to match the first layer of Kolcaustico or may be a complimentary color to further enhance the layering effect. It is important to pick two colors similar in hue and value, such as peach and ocher, or pale blue and light green. 

Similar to the single color application, a multi-color Kolcaustico application may be burnished, left matte or waxed to a soft sheen or a high gloss. Mica powders may be mixed with wax to create glowing highlights with a metallic pearlescent appearance, or a wood tone wax may be used to create shaded highlights or an antique appearance.

Surface Knife Techniques  Every Kolcaustico application is a signature piece for the artisan, representing artistry of both color mixing and blading technique. The movements and pressure used with the blade create the unique qualities of a hand-applied finish. The patterns created with the blade will be your signature and will mature as you work on projects. Practice your technique before approaching the wall. Once you begin the project, view the wall as a large canvas and work across the entire surface. Avoid concentrating in one section. Your technique will change with experience and the artistry of your technique should be displayed across the entire surface. 

Place a thin strip of Kolcaustico on the edge of the blade. The first pull of the blade should transfer all the material to the wall. Another light pass over the same area will move excess material and redeposit it further along the wall, thereby leaving only a thin smooth coat of plaster. Repeat until Kolcaustico thinly coats the wall. It is best to work from a corner out and from top to bottom. Allow each layer to dry to the touch, about 15 minutes, before applying the next layer. Do not overwork each layer once material begins to dry, as small scratches can form. If the material is applied too rapidly, the top layer will mix with the layer below. This can remove rather than build up material and may create a muddy appearance. 

The Multi-Color Application Technique can be applied as individual colors, or by combining two colors during an intermediate pass. For this more complex presentation, place a strip of the first color on the blade, then place a second strip of the second color directly behind. Apply over the base color using your own signature style. The two colors of Kolcaustico will mingle as they transfer to the surface with traces of each tint bridging each layer. Once dry, apply a third layer using the second color. The translucent quality of Kolcaustico and this blending technique create a lustrous multi-layered surface.

Burnishing Burnishing Kolcaustico will result in a smoother and glossier final appearance and is generally done 4-6 hours after the final application. Burnish the surface with a clean blade by lightly rubbing the surface with the lower third of the blade. Plastic blades work well on light color applications and will not leave dark streaks on the surface. Burnishing between coats will result in a highly polished finish. The best results are obtained when the surface is burnished soon after it is dry

Kolcaustico is durable and water-resistant but not waterproof. Traditional Venetian Plaster applications are waxed to add gloss and to seal the surface, but wax is not water, oil or solvent resistant. A high quality oil or water based sealer may be used to protect the surface from prolonged exposure to moisture, abrasion, rough treatment and cleaners that contain ammonia. For heavy traffic areas like kitchens, baths or commercial space, an oil or water based sealer may be substituted for wax as the finishing step. Sealers will deepen the color and can add gloss. A test of all procedures on a similar surface will help determine the end results. 

Waxing – The last step in a traditional Venetian Plaster application is the application of wax. Wax enhances color, blade patterns and sheen of Kolcaustico, and is a surface sealer that can be buffed to a soft sheen or a high gloss. After the last coat of Kolcaustico is thoroughly dry and possibly burnished, apply wax using a clean blade or cotton cloth. A heavier coat of wax is applied when working with a blade and this will enhance blade patterns. A thinner coat of wax can be applied with cotton material, since it can be dabbed and feathered as it is applied, and is softer and more subtle. Wax darkens the surface and the test sample should always be taken to the final step to determine the end results. 500ml of Liberon Black Bison Paste Wax will cover approximately 200 square feet. 

Liberon Black Bison Fine Paste Wax is recommended for finishing a Kolcaustico application and is available in Neutral (water clear) as well as tinted in several wood shades. These tinted waxes may be used to produce shaded highlights or a special antique wax sheen surface. Since Kolcaustico is slightly porous until sealed, the coloring in the wax will alter the final appearance and can create soft shadows or a dramatic surface. Tinted wax can be applied with a blade or cloth, as discussed above, over untinted Kolcaustico, direct from the bucket, or over a base color of tinted Kolcaustico. Wax colors can be intermixed and Neutral can be added to reduce the intensity. Only one application is required, since the coloring in the wax will not penetrate Kolcaustico once a wax layer is applied. 

Waxing with Mica Powders – Mica powders produce a luminous metallic surfaces when mixed with Liberon Neutral Black Bison Paste Wax and applied over a harmonizing base color of Kolcaustico. Color combinations might include: Magna Pearl over light gray; Mayan, Inca or Majestic Gold over yellow ochre; Sunset or Nu-Antique Gold over olive green. Use a separate container and add one part mica powder to three parts of wax. Apply one layer of the wax/mica powder mixture, thinly and evenly, using a blade or cotton material. Buff after the wax dries completely (about two hours) with a soft cotton cloth. Small amounts of mica powder can be added to any wax application to create subtle light-catching metallic or pearlescent highlights. Mica powders should not be mixed into Kolcaustico as they will disappear in opaque material.

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