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Meoded Stucco Lamundo, a genuine lime based Venetian plaster, features easy application and exceptional durability. The tint-able paste produces a highly polished, marble-like finish on almost any interior surface.

We Color Match popular paint swatches! Note: A color sample of the plaster is made on card stock and left to air dry. The dried color sample, without burnishing or waxing, is what we match to the selected color swatch. The final finish will have deeper tones and darker shades of your color. All of our custom colors are tinted by eye and as such some minor color variance is to be expected. All custom mixes add one to four business days to our processing time.

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Stucco Lamundo allows you to create a wide variety of interior finishes with state-of-the-art effects in any color and texture. The product can be used as a finish coat for interior walls, ceilings, and many other architectural details. Primarily applied to plaster and gypsum board substrates, the product can also be used to beautify other smooth-surfaced materials.

Usage: For interior spaces only. 

Composition: Stucco Lamundo is shipped as a white, paste-base that contains the following: 

  • Pure Slaked Lime: The main ingredient in Stucco Lamundo plaster, Pure Slaked Lime contributes to the high quality luster and appearance of the finish. The Pure Slaked Lime helps make the finish breathable and moisture-resistant. 
  • Powdered Marble: Very fine, ground, white, marble powder gives Stucco Lamundo its great body and elegant substance. 
  • Polymeric Resin: Stucco Lamundo’s ease of workability during application and extreme durability after it has been applied comes from the product’s patented mixture of Acrylic polymers.

Colors: Stucco Lamundo can be tinted to any color using Universal tints or machine colorants.

Coverage Guidelines: Stucco Lamundo yields a high coverage rate. In most standard applications, one kilogram of Stucco Lamundo covers 18 to 25 square feet in three coats.

Protection: Tape, mask and cover adjacent surfaces to protect them form splatter. 

Priming: Prime substrates to ensure that all surfaces have uniform absorption. Apply Meoded Quartz Primer over gypsum board sealed with PVA primer, wood, and other substrates with uneven suction or moisture absorption. Primer can be tinted if necessary. It should be a shade lighter than the plaster. Allow primer to dry before applying plaster. 

Mixing: Mix Stucco Lamundo to distribute colorants evenly. If needed, dilute with a small amount of clean, potable water. Use clean tools for mixing. Avoid contaminating plaster materials with a matter such as dirt, dust and debris. 

Substrates: Prepare all substrates by cleaning them of all dust and debris and ensuring they are flat, level, smooth, cohesive, and uniform in consistency. Surface should be smooth to a minimum Level 4, or preferably Level 5 finish, clean and free of contamination. 

New Surface- Prime substrate with PVA acrylic primer and let it dry fully. Apply one coat of Meoded Quartz Primer allowing it 3-5 hours to dry. 

Existing Surface- Patch and repair any damaged substrates. Sand oil-based paints and glossy surfaces. Prime substrate with multi-purpose primer and let it dry fully. Then apply one coat of Meoded Quartz Primer allowing it 3-5 hours to dry. Preparation of flat finished surfaces requires only the application of Meoded Quartz Primer

Stucco Lamundo will adhere to most smooth plaster substrates, wood, metal and other smooth, cohesive substrates.

Installation: Meoded offers a wide variety of specialty plaster tools including stainless steel trowels and spatulas used to install Stucco Lamundo. 

First Coat- The first coat of Stucco Lamundo should be applied in a thin and even manner, which covers the entire wall. Allow at least 12 hours for the basecoat to dry. 

Second Coat- If required to smooth, slightly sand the first coat with 180-320 grit sandpaper before proceeding. The second coat should be applied and spread tightly in overlapping patch patterns. Allow the second coat to dry for at least 5-7 hours. 

Third Coat & Burnishing- Apply this finish coat in the same manner as the second coat. Yet, when material is still moist start pressing, smoothing and gradually Burnish the material in 10-15 sq. ft. increments. The more you burnish the shinier and glossier the surface will become. 

Custom Finishes: A mock-up or an approved sample board should be used as a standard for a custom finish project. Meoded provides personal consultation services to help develop custom applications. 

Special Effects: To enhance the elegant and rich appearance of Stucco Lamundo, unique Metallic effects and custom stencils can be integrated. 

Wax: After a minimum of 48 hours HydroWax, a protective wax, is recommended to protect your finish from moisture and dirt. The wax also enhances sheen and gloss. Use a spatula or trowel to apply a thin layer of wax. Work the wax into the surface and remove any excess. Buffing the surface produces a polished effect. Alternatively, leaving trowel or spatula marks enhances the patterns visible in the material from the application process. 

Clean-Up: Remove temporary protection, such as masking tape. Clean up spills and splatters using methods that will not damage surfaces.

We make it our mission to ship your order in a timely fashion. Due to the nature of our business and the wide variety of our product offerings we sometimes encounter stock issues. Should there be any issues getting your order shipped we will contact you to update you on the situation. 

All in stock items ship within 24 business hours. If you need your order shipped sooner than that please contact us directly before placing your order.

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