Rustoleum - 9800 - DTM Urethane Mastic - Gallon Kits (Case of 2)

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For ultimate protection and long-lasting appearance, choose Rust-Oleum’s High Performance 9800 System DTM Urethane Mastic. This direct-to-metal (DTM) formula fights rust while delivering durable color retention in aggressive environments. Kits are packaged with required activator. Sold as a gallon kit with Activator and this product only ships ground. Note: Sold as a full case of 2 gallon kits (2 Gallons of base, 2 Quarts of activator). 

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    This product ships factory direct, ground only. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

This product ships factory direct, ground only. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

  • Ideal for tanks, towers, metal equipment, etc. in moderate to severe industrial settings
  • Self-priming—covers in just one coat; two components—order base and activator separately
  • High-solids, high-build, sag resistant; extremely durable
  • Two-year rust-proof guarantee—maximum corrosion resistance
  • Meets USDA requirements for incidental food contact; accepted for use in federally registered Canadian food facilities

The 9800 System DTM Urethane Mastic is a two component, high solids, high build, direct to metal, aliphatic acrylic polyurethane. This urethane mastic coating is designed to provide corrosion protection of steel in moderate to severe environments. It can be used directly on sound rusted steel with minimum surface preparation. It can also be used on clean steel, galvanized metal, concrete and previously coated surfaces with proper surface preparation. It is suitable for tanks, towers, equipment, metal buildings, or chemical environments. This product has been approved per MPI specification #72.

ALL SURFACES: (SSPC-SP-1) Remove all dirt, grease, oil, salt and chemical contaminants by washing the surface with Krud Kutter® Original Cleaner Degreaser or other suitable cleaner. Mold and mildew areas must be cleaned with a chlorinated cleaner or bleach solution. Rinse with fresh water and allow to dry. 

STEEL: Hand tool (SSPC-SP-2) or power tool (SSPC-SP-3) clean to remove loose rust, scale, and deteriorated previous coatings to obtain a sound rusted surface. For optimum corrosion resistance, abrasive blast to commercial grade SSPC-SP-6, with a blast profile of 1-2 mils (25-50µ). All weld spatter should be removed along weld seams, rough welds should be ground smooth, and all sharp edges should be ground to a smooth radius. 

PREVIOUSLY COATED: Previously coated surfaces must be sound and in good condition. Smooth, hard, glossy or aged two-component epoxy coatings should be scarified by sanding or sweep blasting to create a surface profile. The 9800 System DTM Urethane Mastic is compatible with most coatings, but a test patch is suggested. 

GALVANIZED METAL: Remove oil, dirt, grease and other chemical deposits with Krud Kutter® Original Cleaner Degreaser or other suitable cleaner. Remove loose rust, white rust or deteriorated old coatings by hand or power tool cleaning or brush off blasting. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and allow to fully dry. 

CONCRETE OR MASONRY: New concrete or masonry must cure 30 days before coating. Any concrete surface must be protected from moisture transmission from uncoated areas. Remove all loose, unsound concrete. Remove laitance and create a surface profile by acid etching with Rust-Oleum 108402 Cleaning and Etch Solution or by grinding

MIXING: Thoroughly mix the base component to ensure any settled pigment is re-dispersed before combining the components together. Combine at a 5:1 ratio (base to activator) by volume and mix thoroughly for 2-3 minutes. Power mixing is preferred. Do not mix more material than you plan to use with the listed pot life. 

APPLICATION: Apply only when air and surface temperatures are between 40-100°F (5-38°C) and surface is at least 5°F (3°C) above the dew point. Can be applied by brush, roller or spray. For proper performance, a dry film thickness of 3 to 5 mils (75 to 125µ) per coat is required. Excessive brushing or rolling may reduce film thickness. Apply two coats to an abrasive blast cleaned surface. The 9800 System DTM Urethane Mastic can accommodate wet-on-wet recoat after 2 hours of dry time. However this process should be conducted by experienced painters only. Application must be done by spray, and since a wet film thickness gauge is impractical during the application of the second coat, care must be used to avoid excessive film build. Excessive film thickness or application of the second coat before the recommended dry time (2 hours) can result with micro-wrinkling or pinholes; either of which will lower the gloss of the finish. Wet-on-wet application of the 9800 System Urethane Mastic finish can also be done over a first coat of 9100 System DTM Epoxy Mastic (except 9115) or one of the Rust-Oleum® Epoxy Primers: 9360 or 9370. 


(Comparable equipment also suitable.) 

BRUSH: Use a good quality natural or synthetic bristle brush. 

ROLLER: Use a good quality lamb’s wool or synthetic fiber recommended. 


Fluid Tip
Fluid Delivery
 Atomized Pressure
10-16 oz./min.
. 25-60 psi
25-60 psi
10 psi (at tip)


Fluid Pressure
Fluid Tip
Filter Mesh
1,800-3,000 psi

THINNING: For air-atomized spray thin as necessary with 190 or 333 Thinner up to ½ pint per gallon. 

CLEAN-UP: Use 190 Thinner.

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