Rustoleum - HS9300 - Epoxy Primer - Gallon Kits (Case of 2)

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Achieve maximum surface protection by starting with a base coat of Rust-Oleum High Performance 9300 System Epoxy Primer. This primer withstands extreme environments for long term protection. Sold as a gallon kit with Activator and this product only ships ground. Note: Sold as a full case of 4 gallon kits (4 Gallons of base, 4 Pints of activator). 

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    This product ships factory direct, ground only. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

This product ships factory direct, ground only. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

  • Provides unmatched adhesion between metal and top coats
  • Resists heavy abrasion, high moisture, and surfaces temps up to 300°F (149°C)
  • Top with 9100 System DTM Epoxy Mastic, 9800 System DTM Urethane Mastic or 9400 High Gloss Urethane
  • Two-year rust-proof guarantee— maximum corrosion protection
  • Meets USDA requirements for incidental food contact; accepted for use in federally registered Canadian food facilities

The HS9300 System Epoxy Primer is a two-component, low VOC polyamine converted epoxy primer. Designed as primers for clean, abrasive-blasted or slightly rusted steel, masonry or concrete for topcoating with 9400 System High Gloss Polyester Urethane or 9700 250 VOC Acrylic Polyester Urethane.

ALL SURFACES: (SSPC-SP-1) Remove all dirt, grease, oil, salt or other contaminants by washing surface with Krud Kutter® Original Cleaner Degreaser, commercial detergent or other suitable cleaner. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and allow to fully dry. Thoroughly cured previous coatings or new metal surfaces which are very smooth may require scuff sanding to maximize adhesion. 

STEEL – SEVERE EXPOSURES: Abrasive blast to a minimum SSPC-SP-6 Commercial Grade (NACE 3). Two coats of primer must be used. 

STEEL – MODERATE EXPOSURES: Scrape and wire brush or power tool clean to remove loose rust, scale and deteriorated previous coatings. 

CONCRETE AND MASONRY SURFACES: After cleaning, repair surface defects and remove deteriorated previous coatings. Abrasive blast or acid etch smooth dense concrete using 108 Cleaning & Etching Solution followed by thoroughly rinsing with fresh water. Allow new concrete and masonry to cure at least 30 days before coating. Any concrete surface must be protected from moisture transmission from uncoated areas.

Mix the base component well before adding HS9303 Activator (included in kit). Continue to mix while adding activator. Allow a 30 minute induction period before using. The container is shortfilled to allow for addition of activator. Do not activate more material than can be used in an 8 hour period. Apply only when air and surface temperatures are between 60-100°F (16-38°C) and surface is at least 5° above dew point.


(Comparable equipment also suitable.) 

BRUSH: Use a good quality natural or synthetic bristle brush. 

ROLLER: Epoxy compatible lamb’s wool or synthetic cover recommended. 


Fluid Tip
Fluid Delivery
 Atomized Pressure
16 oz./min.
25-60 psi
25-60 psi


Fluid Pressure
Fluid Tip
Filter Mesh
1,800-2,400 psi


BRUSH/ROLLER: Normally not required. 333 Thinner not recommended. 

AIR-ATOMIZED SPRAY: 333 Thinner: Use15-20% or as needed (approximately 1.5 pints per gallon). 

AIRLESS SPRAY: 333 Thinner: Normally not required: Use 5-10% if needed (approximately 1.5 pints per gallon). 

CLEAN-UP: 333 Thinner or Acetone 

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