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Golden Paintworks Glass Bead Undercoat is an opaque, white, tintable, acrylic texture with a sandy, coarse aggregate that will not crush and can be applied by trowel or roller. The sandy texture grabs the glass beads and allows for a thin, even coat of beads.

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    Coverage: Approx. 66 sq.ft./gal.

    Dry Time: Recoat: 12-24 hours | Full cure: 2-4 weeks

    Clean Up: Warm soapy water.

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Golden Paintworks Glass Bead Undercoat is a specialized texture that is applied underneath Glass Bead Gel and Glass Bead Gel XL to even out the spread of the beads. It allows a “Full Coat” application without a lot of skips and drags that is prevalent when applying Glass Bead Gels over a painted surface. Glass Bead Undercoat can also be used by itself when thinned with water for a rough “Plaster” finish. It is a slightly absorbent, white, opaque material that can be tinted from an off white to a mid-tone color by your paint store. 

Key Features 

  • Great adhesion 
  • Ready to use or can be thinned up to 50% with water 
  • Compatible with most universal colorants. 
  • Thins easily for rolling applications 
  • Tintable for a wide range of colors up to a mid-tone 
  • May be top coated with any type of paint 
  • Water clean up 
  • VOC Compliant

Surface Preparation 

Remove all surface contamination by washing with an appropriate cleaner, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. Existing peeled or cracked paint should be scraped and sanded to a smooth, sound surface (See warning below). Stains from water, smoke, ink, pencil, grease, etc. should be sealed with an appropriate sealer.


  • Stir contents before use. 
  • May be tinted with waterborne or Universal colorants (UTC), up to 10% by volume. 
  • If tinting, mix thoroughly with a drill and paddle mixer or similar mixing apparatus. 
  • Trowel, brush, roller or spray apply. 
  • Apply at room and surface temperatures between 50° F & 90° F. 
  • May be thinned with water, up to 50% by volume. 
  • Apply only to clean, dry, painted or primed surfaces. 
  • Allow a minimum of 3 to 4 hours drying time between coats. 
  • Test your technique on a practice board before applying to walls. 
  • For interior use

Trowel Application (recommended): Thin Glass Bead Undercoat about 25% with water and stir thoroughly. Apply a full thin coat of material just above the level of the aggregate. This will allow smoothing out to avoid “chatter”. Do a final smoothing of the product before drying with the blade angle almost flat to the surface. Add more material to areas if needed. Let dry at least 3 hours. When fully dry, apply 1-2 coats of paint, as needed, in the desired base color for underneath the Glass Bead Gel. Metallic Paints look amazing. 

Brush application: Thin Glass Bead Undercoat with water up to 50% to increase brushability. Apply in two even coats. Let dry 3 hours. Apply a coat or two of paint as needed in the desired base color. 

Roller application: Thin Glass Bead Undercoat with water up to 50% and mix thoroughly. Pour into a pan or bucket with screen and use a ½” nap roller to apply the texture in an even manner. Let dry 3 hours. Apply a coat or two of paint as needed in the desired base color.


  • Trowel: Use a trowel designed for decorative plaster applications. 
  • Brush: No specific requirements for the type of brush. 
  • Roller: A texture roller cover is suggested.

Coverage: Highly dependent on application technique and number of layers. Approx. 75-150sq.ft./gal. 

Dry Time: @ 50% RH, 77° F: Touch 1 hour. Recoat in 3-6 hours. Air movement and exchange will assist in proper drying. Cold weather & high humidity will slow down cure time. 

Clean Up: Clean your skin and equipment immediately after use with soap and warm water. Consult with local authorities for methods of disposal. 

Storage: Store in a cool/dry location @ temperatures between 40° F & 90° F. Do not allow material to freeze or be exposed to temperatures exceeding 120° F for extended periods.

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