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A unique, acrylic, ready-to-use, granite-like material that contains a crushable, colored aggregate in a warm-white base. Apply with a Plastic Trowel to retain its original color and coarseness with a peppery, grained stone finish. If applied with a Stainless Steel Trowel, the crushable aggregate can be worked by adding pressure to deepen the base color and create a subtle, variegated finish.

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    Coverage: Approx. 50-150 sq.ft./gal.

    Dry Time: Touch: 1 hour | Recoat: 12-24 hours

    Clean Up: Warm soapy water.

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Golden Paintworks Weathered Granite Texture is a variegated, coarse, granite-like material that can be applied either rough for an organic look or smooth for an upscale, finished look. Use in its natural form for the look of coarse grained stone, or tint for a range of colors. 

Key Features 

  • Irregularly shaped, crushable aggregates can be worked to produce a wide variety of visual effects. 
  • Compatible with most universal colorants. 
  • Contains no titanium white pigment, making it possible to tint light or deep colors from a single base. 
  • Easy to apply interior finish 
  • Water clean up 
  • VOC Compliant

Surface Preparation 

Remove all surface contamination by washing with an appropriate cleaner, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. Existing peeled or checked paint should be scraped and sanded to a smooth, sound surface (See warning below). Stains from water, smoke, ink, pencil, grease, etc. should be sealed with the appropriate primer/sealer. If existing paint is in good condition, priming is not needed. If a surface is new, priming and painting with acrylic wall paint will provide the best, uniform surface for applying the Weathered Granite Texture. 


  • Stir contents before use. 
  • May be tinted with waterborne or Universal colorants (UTC), up to 10% by volume. 
  • If tinting, mix thoroughly with a drill and paddle mixer or similar mixing apparatus. Note: this product does not mix reliably on a paint shaker. 
  • Trowel, brush, roller or spray apply. 
  • Apply at temperatures between 50° F & 90° F. 
  • May be thinned with water, up to 30% by volume. 
  • Apply only to clean, dry, painted or primed surfaces. 
  • Allow a minimum of 1 to 4 hours drying time between coats. 
  • Test your technique on a practice board before applying to walls.
  • For interior use.

Trowel Application: Wipe trowel edges periodically to clean and prevent build-up of dried material. Due to the crushable aggregate, this product will take on a smoother finish with a darker cast the longer it is worked. Minimal troweling will result in a rougher, more “peppery” finish. Final layer may be burnished while wet for a smooth finish. 

Brush application: Thin Weathered Granite Texture with water to increase brushability. Roller Application: Use a texture roller cover to transfer to the work surface for subsequent tooling. 

Spray Application: Spraying allows for a consistent, uniform amount of product to be applied rapidly for a quick follow up knock down. In addition to speed in transferring the material to wall surfaces, this is an effective way to uniformly coat 3-dimensional surfaces. When spraying, wear eye protection and particulate respirator, and prevent others from coming into contact with spray mist. 


  • Trowel: Use a stainless steel or plastic trowel designed to apply decorative plasters. 
  • Brush: Natural white bristle brush preferred. 
  • Roller: Texture roller cover.

Spray equipment options:

  • Hopper Sprayer: 
  • Marshalltown SharpShooter® or equivalent • #2 tip (4/16” / 6mm orifice); 40 PSI 
  • No reduction required, but may be reduced up to 30% to adjust application properties. Pump/compressed air sprayers with reservoir: 
  • Best Recommendation: Graco® TexSpray RTX 1500 or equivalent 
  • “Gray” tip; ”high” air volume setting 
  • Reduce 10% - 15% with water when using line feed from stationary hopper.

Coverage: Highly dependent on application technique and number of layers. Approx. 50-150 sq.ft./gal.. 

Dry Time: @ 50% RH, 77° F: Touch 1 hour. Recoat in 12-24 hours. Cold weather & high humidity will slow down cure time. 

Clean Up: Clean your skin and equipment immediately after use with soap and warm water. Consult with local authorities for methods of disposal. 

Storage: Store in a cool/dry location @ temperatures between 45° F & 95° F. Do not allow material to freeze or be exposed to temperatures exceeding 120° F for extended periods.

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